2010 North American Adventure

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From August to December 2010 I went on an unplanned solo road trip around the US and Canada that took me on many adventures including white water rafting for the first time in North Carolina, taking a 40 mile backwoods hike in the Great Smoky Mountains, learning some crazy family stories in Lynchburg, Virginia, being evacuated through a side entrance during a suspicious bag threat while touring the United States Capitol, seeing a black bear swim into the Delaware River as I paddled by at the beginning of an overnight kayaking trip, seeing the cities of Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, and San Francisco for the first time, checking out my Cajun roots in Nova Scotia, brushing up on my French in Quebec City, staying in a haunted Ottawa hostel that used to be a jail, driving down the Pacific Coast, sleeping on 18 inches of snow in Yosemite, and camping at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Despite conventional wisdom and my own fears, I followed my gut and did absolutely no planning before this trip. The more I traveled the more I learned that the less I plan the more fun I have. Posts with stories and pictures from this trip can be found in the archives from August to January 2010 and additional photo albums are listed below.

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