Tuesday, September 6, 2011


First sighting of a mosque in Bosnia (from bus)

Driving through Bosnia is like driving through a national park

Looks like a great place to hike except...

Restaurant on the side of road.  I got a sandwich which had a few bones in it one of which was sharp and pierced my gums when I bit into it.

This is the Bosnian national meal.  This sausage made me want to be a vegetarian.

View from hill hostel is on.

Morning walk

Driving up Olympic Mountains for the war tour

Olympic bob slide

Mortar shell

This was my hostel.  Kidding.  Old cable car system.


I don't smile in front hundreds beautiful things and I smile for this.  I have no explanation.

Mortared buildings

We are walking through the neutral zone of the battlefield which is still filled with mines.

The shower, sink and toilet at my hostel.  On the last day the water didn't run.  Welcome to the second world.

Oldest Mosque in Sarajevo

The Latin Bridge that Franz Ferdinand was shot near which started WWI is somewhere down there.


US Embassy.  I tried to go in and they said I had to make an appointment.  I thought about making an appointment to use the restroom but wasn't sure that would look good on my permanent record.

You lookin' or buyin' boy

This is the western side of Sarajevo


K said...

:) Funny captions. The food shots made me glad I don't eat much food with eyes & feet. Maybe you prefer to do the opposite of what is expected in photos? Smiling while eating gelato would be so predictable.

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