Sunday, August 28, 2011


I had no idea what to expect when I got to Croatia.  It is classified as a second world country, but I wasn't sure exactly what that meant.  I was therefore quite surprised when the bus drove into Zagreb, the capital, and I felt like I was in an American city more than any other time on my European trip.  My bus got there at 9pm and I felt extremely safe walking to my hostel.  I was impressed with the wide roads and green spaces I saw on the way.

The next morning I talked with a girl that worked at the hostel.  She was a journalism major who was opposed to Croatia joining the EU even though she knew it was inevitable.  She was really into political conspiracy documentaries and recommended a few to me.  She also told me about how there was a lot of corruption when the government was transitioning things from public to private.

I managed to walk around the city some over the next couple of days and enjoyed what I saw.  It was very calm for a capital city, but I think a lot of people were out on vacation.  Zagreb is definitely a nice city and so far I would say Croatia is definitely a worthwhile tourist destination.

This is the only air transportation available in the second world.  Kidding, kidding.

The driver announced we were stopping for awhile at the Slovenian Croatian border and 90% of the bus got out and lit up cigarettes.

Typical Balkan food called burek - rolled pastry with either meat, cheese or spinach

Park in Zagreb

Croatia's first King (not the horse)

I guarantee everyone of these people is trying to figure out how they can build up their Croatia's capital so that they can help bailout Greece, Italy and Spain as soon as their country joins the EU

Typical Zagreb center street


Oh $@# I'm gonna miss it

Zagreb Botanical Gardens


RR said...

Great post ~ funny prose & amazing images . . . was the burek on the ground for photographic purposes, or was it not as tasty as it looks? I can't believe you're not even going to try to make the Britney concert. And you call yourself a fan.

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