Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Plitvička Jezera National Park

My couple days in Plitvice Lakes National park was a wonderful break from the cities.  The park is much smaller than most American national parks, but it was filled with some amazing lakes and waterfalls.  There were a ton of people there.  The trails didn't have a wilderness feel, but that didn't bother me so much since I was still hobbling around on crutches.

I've been carrying around this rolled up air pad that takes up half my pack for my entire trip and I haven't used it until now.  I didn't have a real tent or a sleeping bag, but I managed with my bivy sack.  It got cool at night so I put on my sweater and fleece jacket and it was fine.  The most adventurous part of the camping was on the first night I felt something near my head and after a few seconds I sat up and looked around and saw a small mammal that looked like a fox or wolf about ten feet away.  I pointed my light at it for a bit and we stared at each other and after it figured out I wasn't going to throw it any food it went to bother the adjacent campers.  On the second night I woke to find one of my shoes had been moved away from me about ten feet.  I then decided to move my cell phone and glasses inside the sack.  Ah, the joys of sleeping in the open. 

Campground I stayed in near the lakes

Pretty good mix of campers and tents

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Most lakes were this awesome blue color

Waterfalls were everywhere

Many, many people walked by this guy without seeing him

Lots of boardwalks around the park

Park was pretty crowded

It looks more romantic than it was - she was state of complaint

This was what I camped in - just a sack with a pad in it.  Imagine seeing some guy crutch his way over hills with two back packs on and then throwing this down to sleep in.


RR said...

Breathtakingly beautiful images & funny camping story.

Ferg said...

WOW, what a national park! I'm already looking for plane tickets. It's great to catch up on your travels Ryan!

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