Tuesday, July 19, 2011


  • Lyon is a very nice town to walk around in. It has two very scenic rivers, one of which has a daily market, and a nice hill that has a great view of the city.
  • The main strip of restaurants near my hostel is on a street called "Beef Road."
  • In the afternoons there is a line of people who offer free massages. I got what a paid for.
  • I went to a French Resistance museum which talked about how French citizens resisted German occupation after their government surrendered during WWII. From what I could gather from the museum it seemed the resistance was largely a psychological resistance through secret newspapers with some scattered armed resistance.
  • I met an interesting German traveler. He was very well traveled and had lived in many different European countries while he was working on his degree in history. His trip to the US involved working as a babysitter for a few days until he was fired after a disagreement about a 9pm curfew. I don't know how this guy got hired in the first place - he's about as sketchy looking as I am. Anyway, somehow he ended up painting houses and got to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. When I told him about the bathing suit sign in one of my pictures below his response was, "France is special." Indeed.

The Rhone

The Saone

View from hostel

View from Fourviere Hill


Old Roman theater

The French make excellent grilled cheese sandwiches

You want to serve snails and call it a delicacy? Fine.  You want to charge $18 for a hot dog? Fine.  You want all tourists to be able to speak some French while they're in France?  Fine.  But this?  Well, this is just a little much.


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