Friday, July 1, 2011


  • After waking up at 4:15am and taking a bus all day from Cambridge to Bruges I could barely even remember the name of the local language that I didn't know a word of (Dutch). I felt really bad and couldn't figure out whether I should try to use really bad French or basically non-existent German which are both spoken in Belgium although not in this area. I finally caved in and just went with English. Really tragic. My phrasebook has like 15 EU languages, but no Dutch.
  • People are really laid back in Bruges. The hostel tour guide ended his tour with, "Well, I'm going back to the hostel for happy hour. You can join me or if you don't want to join me then you can $%*@ off." It was all in good fun.
  • I had a waffle with chocolate sauce and it was one of the best desserts I've ever had.
  • Bruges was a great first city to kick of my continental tour.

This might be part of the Chunnel.  Well, it's at least near it.

Belgium Happy Hour.  It's not as bad as it looks but it's about to get much worse.

Typical Bruges Street

Bruges has lots of these canals

I'd explain the architectural differences between these houses, but I wasn't really paying attention to the tour guide.

The guide told us they used to put alligators in the canals to help clear out the rats.  I don't think he really liked his job.

Main Market Square

Park I took a nap in

Front of young travelers map made my locals

View from top of brewery


Lots of carriages in Bruges


Laura L said...

Ryan - Your pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

RR said...

What the ?? Two photo spaces dedicated to beer and zero for the chocolate waffle? Have you no humanity?

Ryan Fuller said...

Glad you liked the pictures Laura. The chocolate waffle picture didn't come out well but I keep taking food pictures so eventually some of them will make the cut.

Dennis, San Diego CA said...

Very much enjoyed reading your blog and your beautiful photos!
I was directed to your blog when I googled the Robert Frost quotation: "I only hope that when I am free/ As they are free to go in quest/ Of the knowledge beyond the bounds of life/ It may not seem better to me to rest." Congrats to YOU! Keep enjoying! And Thanks.

Ryan Fuller said...

Hi Dennis. I think you may be the first person who has discovered my blog on Google and then commented. You don't win a prize, but I am glad you have enjoyed the blog. I am going to be slowing my traveling pace some in Europe, so I may be able to post more frequently and maybe, just maybe I'll make time to write a post of the longer variety.

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