Saturday, July 30, 2011


  • Arles is an old Roman city in southern France. They have a pretty cool tour package that includes watching re-enactments of plays and gladiator battles
  • Vincent van Gogh lived here for a while and there are at least two places you can visit that exploit his art for money in tasteless ways
  • If you go here, make sure to walk through some narrow residential areas that are quite scenic
  • I finally got ripped off after being labeled a tourist - at a bookstore no less - about time

Old Roman Theatre

Re-enactment of play in the theatre (old man with money chasing young woman - totally not relatable to today's society)

Old Hospital where van Gogh got his ear repaired and where other...problems...were discovered

Vincent van Gogh sans ear

Roman Ampitheatre

I found a wormhole

The action is not quite as intense as the pictures suggest but it was fun to watch a gladiator battle nonetheless

I think the swords were made of plastic, but they looked metal and left some kitten-level scratches on one guys back

This fight would be a sports photographer's dream come true

They did this in front of small children!

Don't judge.  This was a serious cultural experiment to see how close European fast food is to American.  Pretty close in fact.


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