Tuesday, June 21, 2011


  • The train system is the UK…could be vastly improved upon with one minor change: tell people what platform their train is leaving from more than fifteen minutes before it leaves. My only guess as to why the current system is the way it is because the Minister of Transportation, if such a person exists, decided that there was not enough stress in the lives of the citizens of Great Britain and he wanted to ensure scrambling and cursing would never be short in abundance at the train stations. To expand the rail system problem to an airport scale: imagine if there were one hundred people looking at the departure monitor screens at for a 12:00 flight. At 11:30 the screen displayed what gate people need to go to and everyone rushed across the airport to get there a few minutes before the plane left. As a German girl I met on my trip told me, “This iz not good plan.”
  • York is an amazing city to visit. My favorite part is the old (we’re talking like almost a thousand years) Nordic wall that goes around the city center that you can still walk on. Most of it is still there although some of it has been repaired.
  • There are plenty of examples of Roman foundations and walls which you can walk on. One structure we walked on was built on Roman foundations. My brain froze a little bit when a tour guide only needed two digits to tell the date that something I was looking at was built. The main cathedral there, York Minster, is built on old Roman foundations. Below the church you can see Roman, Viking, Anglo Saxon and Medieval foundations. Only a small part of the city has been excavated, but they are pretty sure there was an intricate system of plumbing for water transportation and waste removal existed. That’s a little more than interesting if you consider that 1500 years later people were using the “piss pot” system.
  • On the first evening I was in York I walked into my dorm room to find what was essentially a slumber party. Yeah. About ten girls were in the room. Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears were blaring from a stereo. The girls were all bouncing around putting makeup on and giggling and being…girls. One of them was like, “Who’s the boy?” It might sound like a slightly unpleasant situation, but it was far worse even than that. A nightmare even.
  • I met a guy from Tours, France at the hostel looking for work. I told him I was from Louisiana and he knew about the Saints. I said yeah and the Fleur-de-lis is their symbol. He had no idea what I was talking about. I repeated it slower and in a French accent and even showed him a picture of it on my phone. He just shrugged. He wasn’t exactly France’s proudest citizen though. Once he told me out of the blue, ‘I think America is better than France.” I asked him how so and he told me his visions of driving down Route 66 on a motorcycle. His English was decent, but he was trying to improve it. His favorite band was Nickelback and he asked me what “burn it to the ground” meant. I did my best. The most interesting thing I learned from him was the recent movie he had seen: Very Bad Trip 2. The Hangover? I asked. You know, Las Vegas he said. Yeah, that’s the Hangover. I think he was just as surprised as me. He said they might have changed it as to not alarm the French people. Something tells me whoever said the title of that movie needed to be changed did not watch the movie.
  • My walking tour guide said there used to be a law that it was legal to shoot a Scot if one was found roaming around York after dusk. For one reason or another that law turned into one of those that hasn’t been removed in modern times. They really don’t like each other.

Cliffords Tower

Shambles Street - really old

Reason 1: Nobody is taking me seriously

Awesome Geometric Stained Glass Inside York Minster

It's big.

Old Roman Tower

Old Nordic Wall

York Minster front

Back of lady's head

Did you realize if we get this crap out of the way we'll have room for a Starbucks, a McDonalds and a Sizzlers?

Stairs inside old city wall


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Wow ~ the images keep getting better. The "Stairs Inside Old City Wall" is exquisite, and the cathedral shots are moving with that light shining through.

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