Saturday, June 4, 2011


  • Scotland is a different place than England
  • When I first got to the hostel I checked out the bar connected to it and saw there was a pool table.  A guy in the area asked if I wanted to play and his accent was so foreign to me that I thought he must be Russian.  Turns out he was speaking drunken Scottish which is a very hard language for me to understand.  Many times on the streets I would hear people talking and was sure it wasn’t English until I got closer and realized…it was…kind of.
  • Within my first hour of being in Glasgow I saw a guy at the hostel bar who was so drunk he could barely sit up (a friend of the guy I played pool with), I heard a glass shatter on the ground in the hostel bar at like 7pm (I’m 90% sure this was caused by the previous guy), I saw a guy pound his first on a table very hard while watching football on TV in the bar, I walked passed a pub that had a sign on the door that said “No Football Colours” (I never made the connection between gangs and football fans until I read this), I saw a piece of black clothing on the side of the street with red stains on the concrete under it and police setting up caution tape around it, and I got asked for money about three times.  I now understand the reasoning behind prohibition.
  • The dorm I was staying in was half full of trash when I got there.  I plugged in my camera battery charger and went to get some food.  When I came back camera charger had been unplugged and my dorm mate was now using both plugs and watching a movie on his laptop without headphones.  Yeah…hi.  I went out for a while and came back at around 11pm and he was asleep in his bed and a movie was playing with sound again on a chair next to him.  I have never been so curious about what a laptop crashing into the sidewalk from a six story drop would sound like.
  • I took a walk in the park where James Watt supposedly got the idea for a huge improvement to the steam engine which helped propel the industrial revolution.  The park was nice, but I didn’t have any revolutionary ideas.
  • There was a Scottish couple standing next to me on an elevator ride one evening.  They had a short debate about where they wanted to eat which ended with the man getting slapped.  It was all in good fun.
  • I met a Canadian guy and a girl from the States who were so different from each other that I think the best way to show it that is to put paraphrased quotes from the conversations I had with them side by side:
    Recent Travels?
    Her:  I was in Edinburgh for four weeks.  I’ll be in Glasgow for three.  I really like to live in the cities that I visit.
    Him: I’ve been traveling for two weeks.  I went to Iceland, partied.  Went to York, partied.  Went to Edin….um Edinburgh, partied.

    Night life?
    Her: I rarely go to bars, but when I do I have fruit juice.  Who knew you could be healthy at a bar!  I usually go to bed at around 8:30pm.
    Him: I’ve done the pub crawls in every city I’ve been too.  I’m budgeted for around 7 pints per day.  I’m usually still stumbling in the mornings.  Actually, I’ve pretty much been drunk for a week straight. 

    Travel method?
    Her: I reserved all most hostels months in advance because I didn’t know what it would be like in summer.
    Him: I just show up to the train station, ask for a ticket, get to the place and then look through my 2007 guide book for somewhere to stay.  First place I went to today turned out to be a fancy hotel wanting 220 pounds.

    Recent hostel experiences?
    Her:  I met a girl last week who invited me to go horseback riding.  I’m really excited about it.
    Him: You ever stay at an International Youth Hostel?  I don’t want to offend anybody, but they’re really into Jesus and stuff.  Being all polite with their please and thank you’s.  I’m more of a fuckin’ shit mother fucker type of guy. 
  •  On my last night I was rooming with the Canadian, an Aussie and a guy from Birmingham, Alabama.  It was around 11pm and they were thinking of going out.  The Canadian who had long hair, a wild beard and probably weighed 250 pounds was walking around wearing only his underwear and a nipple ring when Birmingham came in from a smoke with a couple girls who wanted to see the Aussie.  The real Aussie pointed to me and the girl got crazy excited, but I just pointed to the real Aussie.  She didn’t seem to get it.  She was quite into the southern accent of Birmingham.  Canada patted his belly and said, “Yeah, I’m a plus size model.”  Giggles.  They all went out and came back at around 4am when it was starting to be light out.  The night’s successes and failures were recounted the following morning.  Birmingham was a class act.  “Oh that’s what her name was?  $*@# I didn’t know.  I hate when girls pull that shit.  What’s my name?  I’m always like what’s MY name. They always know and then I’m like %@*$.”  Welcome to my Wednesday.
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George Square

Notice the statue's hat.

Argyle Street

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I'd like to have the unit of power named after me.

Glasgow Green

My first semi-successful indoor low lighting picture.  Inside Glasgow Cathedral.

Glasgow Cathedral.  Technically Presbyterian now or at least at some point it was.

River Clyde

Glasgow Green

The benefits of having good window washers.

View from hostel window.

For being so hideous in theory, that smokestack is very photogenic.

People's Palace

Arc de Glasgow.  Not really.


RR said...

I rate the Glasgow Cathedral photo a raging success. Striking. And the rainbow . . . nice. Glasgow appears grayer than I'd imagined it. It generated some colorful prose though.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures so far, Ryan. Thanks and keep 'em coming. Looks like you're having fun and meeting all kinds of people. I never made it to the British Isles when I backpacked over there.


Ryan Fuller said...

Hey glad you guys liked the pictures even though I've reverted to my no editing approach due to laziness. Britain is a cool place Mr. M, but I am itching to get to continental Europe or as they call it over here: Europe.

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