Monday, June 13, 2011

Fort William

  • The cool thing about The Highlands is that they make up a HUGE area of land that feels sort of like on enormous national park.  The best part though is that you don’t have to pay to get in and you don’t have to pay to camp.  They also do this cool thing with their land here called sharing.
  • Sheep are everywhere.
  • The lakes aka lochs are enormous and spectacular.
  • I tried haggis.  Don’t.
  • I roomed with a guy who was Indian by ancestry, was born in England, grew up in Kenya and has been living in Australia since he was 11.  We were both planning to hike up Ben Nevis (the tallest mountain on the British Isles at 1344 meters) the next day and neither of us had done any planning so we decided to hike together.  I was kind of worried because I only had a fleece jacket and heard there was snow on the top of the mountain.  The next morning we were eating breakfast on the way to the bus station and I said, “I wonder if people look at us and think man those guys know what they’re doing or if they’re like man those guys are in big trouble.”  I almost forgot my rain coat and he forgot his cell phone.  See next post for what happened!
  • Another of my roommates was on a walk that he started in southwest England.  He was about two months into it and had about two months to go.  Northwest Scotland is very remote so he spent a lot of the next two days looking over about eight different maps trying to figure out his route and when he’d be able to get food.  He was middle aged and had been fired from his job before he decided to do this walk.
  • Met a guy on the last day who had been hitchhiking around Scotland for the last three weeks.  He seemed pretty positive about it.  His best hitchhiking experience: guy brought him all the way from where he was to where he wanted to go and then bought him lunch at a restaurant.  His worst hitchhiking experience: guy touched his leg twice and asked him if he was gay.  I think I’ll pay the six pounds for the bus ticket.
  • I visited Inverlochy Castle ruins and there was a group of teenagers throwing rocks at tourists from one of the towers.  Let’s just say I’m glad I came in the back entrance and saw what was going on before I got in their range. 
  • Onion and mushroom quesadillas are fantastic.  I think I impressed a group of Chinese girls when I made that discovery.  Kitchen props.
Glen Nevis

Loch Linnhe

I was barely ten minutes from the center of town here

Loch Linnhe
Railroad bridge near Inverlochy Castle

The tree thinks he's the star, but he's really just in the way


Scottish Redneck Festival

Walk up to Cow Hill I think

Fort William

Please God let it rain whiskey!  I'll never ask for anything ever again!

Loch Linnhe

View from Cow Hill where there are no cows

Glen Nevis


artistaggie said...

Oooh, great pics :-D I've always wanted to go to Scotland -- looks like fun times!

Ryan Fuller said...

Hey, Scotland is a great place to visit. So many scenic destinations - it was very hard to choose where to go.

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