Sunday, June 19, 2011


  • I was scheduled to catch a 2:30 bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh. It was 2:17 and there was a bus at the platform my bus was scheduled to leave from. I knew there was a 2:15 bus, but I had never seen a bus leave later than it was scheduled to in the UK. There was about 25 people in line so I knew this bus probably wasn’t going to leave until close to 2:30 which made me wonder whether this bus was the 2:15 or the 2:30 bus. I saw a few men who worked at the bus station on a bench so I walked over and asked them if it was the 2:15 or 2:30 bus. They talked amongst themselves some and then one man looked at his watch, looked at his clipboard, walked over to the bus driver, verified it was the 2:15 bus and then told him to get the heck out of there, leaving a long line of very angry people. Whoops.
  • I went on my first free walking tour in the UK which was really cool. I learned how it was a dangerous place to walk around at night a few hundred years ago because every evening the “piss pots” were emptied out of windows onto the streets. I guess when your city is that dirty it doesn’t make sense to take a bath more than once a year. We visited a cemetery where hundreds of people who died from the Black Death were buried in mass. I didn’t see anything decided to them, but there was a statue dedicated to dog who was so loyal to his master that after his owner died, the dog stayed at his grave for the remainder of the dog’s life.
  • I ate at my first Indian restaurant in Great Britain. It was so good that it made me realize I like Indian food.
  • One weekend a couple Irish guys were staying in my dorm. The first night they got back at 6am. The second I got up at 6:30am and found one of them asleep on the common room couch with a girl. I was wondering where he was.
  • On my last night in Edinburgh I went to a stand-up comedy show. It turned out to be inside the basement of a cafĂ© and there were 8 comedians performing and about that many audience members. It was more of a new material practice session than a performance, but I really enjoyed it. The first guy had such a thick Scottish accent and used so many local references that I only understand about one out of every three jokes. Another performer appeared to be doing standup for the first time in his life and cut his own act short in about two minutes. The last performer in the first session was hilarious and made a bunch of well timed jokes about his wank shed. The group was so small that the audience members on the front row (including me) said where we were from. I was the only American in the audience and was prepared for anything. Surprisingly only the last comedian really took a shot at pre-Obama America. The joke bombed worse than any the entire night. Not even pretend laughs. The highlight of the night was a girl with a ukulele who sang about meeting an okay guy.
  • At this point in my trip I no longer feel like I am in a foreign country. England and Scotland don’t feel like home to me, but they are also definitely not foreign to me.
  • Did you know Scotland is thinking of splitting with England? This time for good.*

How Majestic

View JK Rowling had while writing Harry Potter

Houses in Old Town

Important Church

Calton Hill

View from Calton Hill

Half finished Greek Monument

Bentley Day


Kara said...

Ryan, I love your updates, and this one in particular. I spent a week in Edinburgh in 2005, just before the 6th? HP book was released (coincidence, I swear). I absolutely loved the city and probably enjoyed it the most of all the UK cities I visited. I noticed in your last picture the clock tower...I have a photo of the same structure!

Had to share...

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Kara (Ryan) Peterson

Ryan Fuller said...

Hey Kara, glad you are enjoying the blog. Edinburgh is indeed great city to visit. I like your fire twirler pictures. I need to wonder into the night with my camera more often

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