Friday, June 24, 2011


  • I had my first European couch surfing experience in Cambridge. My host brought me to a couch surfers “meeting” one night. I didn’t see an official meeting agenda, but we drank a lot of beer and talked about traveling, so those must have been on it. I was also taken to a poetry performance which isn’t what most people would think it is. It was essentially standup comedy spoken in rhythm.
  • If you go to Cambridge in summer you are likely to be harassed, yes harassed, by what I’m going to call the Cambridge Tourism Punting Enforcement Agency. Their mission is to ensure that every single person who visits Cambridge gets an opportunity to learn about punting. See pictures below to see what punting is.
  • My guidebook states that Cambridge is the University where William Wordsworth, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and John Cleese studied. “And this window here is where some guy named Newton did some stuff with math and science or something like that. But over here, right over there by that very bush…you’ll want to get your cameras out for this one…this is where John Cleese made his very first penis joke. I know, I couldn’t believe it either.”

Trinity College (I think)

Trinity College (for sure)

Rubbish Rock

Punters on canal

More Punters

They are fun to watch

View from Castle Hill

Kings College


RR said...

What's a law of physics or two compared to a good joke? These latest posts are great combos of humor, history, and personal experience. And it is a travesty that an unsuspecting traveler should happen upon Backstreet Boys in York. Where are the laws against that, I ask you?

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