Saturday, May 14, 2011


I thought about taking it easy after my nine hour overnight flight to London, but instead I did this:

Couple walking

Damn Tourists on the Double Decker Red Bus

St. George Park

Westminster Abbey

Front of Westminster

Big Ben and The London Eye

They really do exist!


RR said...

As usual, your lens captures images that I'd frame and hang on my walls . . . but I won't because that would involve royalties (hey ~ unintended London pun).

texascandler said...

Good luck with you new adventure.

artistaggie said...

Sweet! Have fun :-)

Ryan Fuller said...

Hey thanks guys. More pictures coming that I didn't take after an overnight flight. I'm also planning on posting bullet style notes of some things I've done soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan. Just found out that you are in the midst of your European Adventure. Have fun and good luck.

Mr. M

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