Thursday, May 19, 2011

London Notes

London Notes:
  • I had fish and chips from a local restaurant called Chimes
  • I saw a stone with writing in three languages.  I don’t know what it said, but none of the languages was English, so it couldn’t have been that important.
  • On my first night a drunken couple from North Carolina stumbled into my dorm room and soon slept/passed out in the same bunk bed.  “Louisiana huh?  Good for you.  Ya know what I mean?”  No.
  • I got to hold a coin from the time of Alexander the Great and a knife from the Stone Age.  Thank you British Museum.
  • Many people have dropped their jaws when I told them how long I plan to stay here.  Including me after the first day.
  • I’ve heard plenty of people say stupid things with a British accent, but it still has most of its charm to me.
  • At first I was very confused at how many attractive women there are over here that are also kind, but I’m slowly starting to get used to it.
  • Another of my dorm mates was a girl who lived Paris and whose family is originally from an island near Madagascar.  She was there to learn English with her very attractive tall, brunette Parisian friend.  I don’t speak much French, so it’s a good thing that [insert baseless statistic] percent of communication is nonverbal.
  • After walking over London Bridge I discovered Fuller’s Ale and Pie House.  It was a very classy establishment as I expected from the name.  The beer was also great.  If London Bridge ever does fall down, it will be because the civil engineers were getting smashed at Fuller’s.
  • When I returned my metro card in Washington D.C.  I received a check in the mail 7 months later.  When I returned my metro card in London I was immediately handed a cash refund.
  • One morning I woke up ten minutes before breakfast and thought the kitchen would be closed.  I stumbled in sleepy eyed with my hair a mess to find three dozen girls all made up and ready for the day already eating.  I think some of them got a kick out of the contrast between us as well.  Girls are so put together that it almost makes us men look like slobs.  Almost.
  • During my last night in London I saw a play called AS YOU LIKE IT at a venue called Shakespeare’s Globe.  It was written by a man whose name was Shakespeare, but I can’t imagine that’s who the theatre is named for.  After all, he’s just a writer.


RR said...

Awesome delivery & format ~ those Brits have rubbed a bit of their humor stylin on you.

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