Monday, May 23, 2011


  • Passed three people hittin’ the hash on the fifty minute walk from Coach (Bus) Station to hostel.
  • I was waiting for my food at an Indian fast food restaurant and there was a newspaper on the counter so I decided to see what was going on in Bristol.  I turned the page and was shocked to find a half page picture of a topless woman.  I almost showed the page to the worker at the counter and asked if that was normal.
  • Ran into my first hostel communal shower situation, but luckily I timed mine such that I didn’t have to share.
  • I’ve been staying two nights in the last couple of places, but I think three is a good number for a city that has more than one thing worth seeing.

Kayak Water Polo

River Avon

This path shared by pedestrians, bicycles, cars and trains

The ship on the right was the largest in the world in its day.

Whatchu Lookin' At?

This is about when I decided I really liked Bristol.

View from Brandon Hill.

Not the best picture, but this guy earned his spot on this blog. He's standing on a rope tied between two trees.

Lots of people live on their boats here.

Queen Square

Pub and Music Venue


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