Saturday, May 21, 2011


  • The city of Bath has drops of extremely rich history mixed in with an ocean of tourist shops and restaurants.  You can see where Romans bathed 2000 years ago, you can see where Jane Austen lived, you can see where the first King of all of England was crowned and you can buy anything you could possibly imagine.
  • The second night I was there I did a night walking cider tour with a new German friend that ended at a bar with rock and metal bands.  I seem to befriend a lot of Germans on my travels.
  • One night there was French couple whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears in a dorm bed next to me.  It’s amazing to me how some Europeans can whisper five feet away from you and you can’t hear a word they are saying.  If it were up to me, I would assign quite a few Americans the task of learning to talk that quietly before they speak in public again.
  • It never really bothered me how I don’t quite fit in some dorm beds, but after I saw a guy about 7 feet tall climb into a top bunk next to me, it bothered me a little bit less.
Parade Gardens

River Avon

Royal Crescent

Men's Bowling League.  This picture was really taken in 2011.

Bath Abbey


kevin said...

Amazing... all I can say is WOW! lol

RR said...

Lovely combination of verdant green and enduring architecture.

Ferg said...

Beautiful post, Ryan. I went to Bath for New Years in 2001 and I just loved it. We went out to afternoon tea for fun, but by the end I understood just how hard core tea drinking can be. My heart was literally buzzing from the caffeine; it felt like a bomb was going to explode in my rib cage. I'll never underestimate a black cuppa again!

Ryan Fuller said...

Hey, glad you guys liked the post. Hope my new posting format is working well. It's much easier to keep this thing up while staying in hostels than while camping.

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