Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Back

    I’m back.  The Fuller Adventure American Road Trip 2010 has come to an end.  I’m sure many of the people who have followed this blog from the beginning have some questions.  Questions like: what was your favorite place, how does it feel to be back, what are you going to do now, and what the hell happened between Massachusetts and Montana?  I know I left quite a few holes in my travel tales and pictures.  The reasons for this were not because there was an absence of adventures or photograph worthy landscapes, but because there were so many of both.  I have not decided how or when I’m going to present these things, but I do plan to.
    It’s very hard to describe what I feel now, so I’ll just start spitting out the facts.  I am very glad to be back home, in Louisiana.  The past four and a half months have been the best of my adult life.  I will remember every day of this trip for a long, long time (possibly as long as I live if someone comes up with the right pills at the right time).  If someone were to ask me how this trip has changed me I would reply that I will be better able to answer the question when I remember who I was before I left.
    I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel when I got back.  The idea of having to adjust to stability is probably strange to most and I guess it was a little to me to.  The process of unloading things from my car because I’d be staying in one place for more than a few days felt odd.  My car was basically my home for four and a half months.  When I took a shower and opened the closet where my stuff is stored, I was alarmed at how many shirts I had to choose from.  I had almost forgotten all of my possessions since I had lived without them for so long.  I felt like a king when I was getting into my queen sized bed because it was so much more luxurious a place to sleep than I had grown accustomed.
    It may take some time for me to process my trip.  136 days.  16, 231 miles of driving.  No idea how many miles I hiked.  I had perhaps more than my fair share of luck on the trip.  I didn’t get sick once and my worst injuries were a couple of toe blisters I got from hiking with wet socks.  My car held up like a champion and never gave me a single reason to complain.  I put in some coolant, got the oil changed, and got a couple tires changed that almost needed changing before the trip started.
    I think the thing I feel most now is contentment.  I’m content with what I’ve done, I’m content with who I am, and I’m content with my options for the future.  Contentment may not sound like that powerful of a feeling, but I think it’s truly a magnificent place to be because it means I don’t need to have anything, to do anything or to be anything else to be happy.
    That certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to sit around doing nothing all day.  I can’t remember the last time I did that thing called relaxing.  My mind was very active throughout the trip making plans and keeping things in order as I went and I plan to keep a very active mind.  Active doing what is the question.  Maybe reading, maybe writing, maybe going on another adventure.  The open-endedness of my future is probably one of the best parts of completing my trip.
    Thanks to all who have followed my adventure here.  I hope you have enjoyed it.  I’m not sure how often I’ll post here or if I’ll use this blog when I go on another adventure.  Only time will tell, but as of now, I think the chances are good I will post travel stories here again.  I look forward to staying in touch with all the friends and family that read this, so don’t hesitate to contact me any time.

Happy Holidays!


Laura Roach Dragon said...

Welcome back and Merry Christmas. Sounds like you had a blast. I'm glad.

Taryn said...

Awww.... that's fantastic! So proud of you! And hope to get to see you soon!

texascandler said...

I am glad you are home safe and look forward to your next adventure.

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