Sunday, September 19, 2010


From Mountain Hiking in New Jersey Album
     I woke up early on Labor Day, the day The Man hath decreed not to be spent on work, unless of course you’re reaalllly behind schedule.  I walked around the park some and noticed that quite a bit of the “Recreational Vehicles” appeared to be set up in permanent or semi-permanent positions with attached decks, patios and hundreds of knickknacks one would expect to find in a trailer park scattered about, verifying the suspicion I had that trailer parks and recreational vehicle camps are one in the same.  Nothing against trailer parks…they’re just not what I want to be around when I go camping.
    I was planning on driving to the center of the Kittatinny Mountains/Delaware Water Gap Recreational Area when I was given good advice to go to the southern end of the area.  I drove there and pulled over at the first indication of a hiking trail.  I later found out it was a trail up Mt. Tammany (1527 ft.).  The trail was about a mile and half long, fairly steep and was quite rocky.  There were quite a few people out hiking: families, people my age, backwoods campers, a large group of Asians, and military folks including a guy who jogged up the trail with no shirt on while carrying a stick as if about to spear an animal.  I viewed the surrounding mountains at the top and then hiked down in a somewhat risky manner, quickly hopping from rock to rock (not to hurry, but for fun).
    I drove to an information booth near masses of picnicking families along a Delaware River beach and picked up some fliers on places to kayak and camp along the river.  I picked up some groceries and headed to Worthington State Forest Campground.  It was right along the river and mostly empty.  I ate a dinner of pasta while listening to the drumming and rhythmic chanting from a river island nearby.  I could see people on the island, but they were too far away for me to really tell what was going on.
    Ever since I took out all of the cooking gear I had in my ice chest and actually used the cooler for its intended purpose, my car has been a mess, so I took everything out of the car and reorganized which brought me an unexpected sense of relief.  While I was washing some dishes, a young man scared the crap out of me when he walked up from behind me and asked if I had any jumper cables to lend him.  They were an Arabic family from New York City who had accidentally left their door cracked over night.  I lent them the cables and went to sleep anxious about my trip.


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