Monday, August 30, 2010



From Leaving Home

From Kisatchie and The Natchez Trace

From Mississippi State Parks

From Corinth and Shiloh

From Tennessee Outdoors

From Northern Georgia Appalachian Trail

From Black Rock Mountain and Foxfire Museum

From GSM Hike Day 1

From GSM Hike Day 2

From GSM Hike Days 3 and 4

    I hope these pictures serve as enough evidence that I’m not making all this stuff up from my parent’s basement (yes, a Louisiana basement).  I try to get a few nice photographs along the way, but my current photograph philosophy is as follows: point and click (with the camera settings adjusting automatically as they see fit) as I happen to come upon scenes that appear photograph worthy.  I don’t crop, touch up or edit the pictures in any way.  I hope to improve on my photography skills as I go, but currently find that I take my best pictures when I wait for scenic views to come to me.


Chad said...

Let me be the first to say that you have a very good eye with photography! Your composition is excellent (rule of thirds, symmetry, etc). Good job!

Brian said...

Solid pics man!

Ryan Fuller said...

Chad, I'm not quite up to speed with that photography jargon (maybe one day if I decide to take it to the next level I'll google them), but I'm glad you liked pics.

RR said...


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